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LBTH Bangladeshi Politicians 1982-2017

"Tower Hamlets Bangladeshi Politicians Reference Book 1982-2017"

We celebrate the pioneers of the Bangladeshi community who secured positions and platforms for the present community to live well and prosper.  Many community activists in Tower Hamlets went on to become councillors and then further political fields. While politics is ingrained in many of the 1st generations of Bengali politics, it was another challenge to enter into British politics. So after the death of Altab Ali in 1978, the community forged together and put their best men forward also with years of  knowledge of assisting non Bangladeshi Councillors securing the Bengali votes. The Politic is not always perceived clean or appealing to the youth generations, in this book it is created to promote the success and achievements of the pioneers and peoples' effort of getting them there.


The book looks to value the contribution of all persons who went on to become a councillor, who they were and where they came from in Bangladesh.

Did the Sylheti's have the know-how to launch themselves into politics?

In the book we plot the journey and showcase the facts, who is who, in the hall of fame? 

Which councillor comes from your neck of the wood in Bangladesh? 

In this book all councillors have been listed and grouped according to where they come from in Bangladesh.

See which area is most represented! 

Positive Role Models!
Who is yours?

Who has been the longest serving councillor?

Who has had the highest votes in the career?

There are so many facts and figures to be found.

Research & Reference Guide

If that is not what you are looking for, this books is also a researcher's friend, as it lists all the councillors, What ward the represented? What parties? How many votes they received? How many times they won? How many times they stood? What is their career votes? What part of Bangladesh they came from and much more.

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